Gain Corporate & Investor Awareness

Investor Awareness We work with you towards introducing your company to numerous highly reputable financial journalists and bloggers, to help stimulate chatter across the globe. Learn more

Establish & Grow Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization Place your company ahead of the competition through SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Increase visibility in Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, BING, and more! Learn more

PPC & Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing The average person spends over an hour each day online. Increase your online presence and make important announcements via social networking and ppc advertising. Learn more

Our Objectives:
  • Establish & increase your online presence.
  • Establish & increase search engine visibility.
  • Reputation management & assistance.
  • Increase investor chatter & shareholder base.
  • Increase brand & consumer awareness.
  • Increase & manage social media visibility.
  • Increase & ease stakeholder communication.
  • Increase opportunity for strategic acquisitions.
  • Utilize social media for shareholder announcements.

IR Trend: Marketing for Public & Private Companies

Experience the power of Social Media, IR, PR, SEO and PPC Marketing with IR Trend. Over 60% of online traffic comes from Google alone. Drive additional sales from new clients and customers, as well as stimulate overall investors chatter surrounding your companies stock. We provide IR and PR services in conjunction with SEO and PPC. So not only as a public company do you get noticed by new shareholders throughout the investor community we aim to drive new clients and customers as well. We strategically analyze your placement in the major search engines, then compare it to other leaders in your industry. We then use this data to help us compile a unique strategy to achieve front page rankings for your companies website. We will create and optimize your Social Media profiles that guarantee anywhere people look, company-approved branding appears. We ensure that false or misleading profiles are removed from Social Networks. We also work with management to legally create corporate profiles on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter for use as internal communication and distribution channels for shareholder communication and corporate announcements.

Just like you, our goal is to win. To insure victory, we attack the Marketing Battle for public companies on both main fronts to insure healthy corporate growth and long lasting residual effects to benefit the company for years to come. Our new age strategies insure your business reaps the positive effects of our services for the long run and not just a one day stir of attention.

Our goal is to work with companies toward reflecting their absolute potential by helping them FULLY establishing their online presence for the longevity of their business through brand and social awareness.


Simple, Easy, and Effective Solutions to Slow or Stagnant Growth

Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic, Shareholders, Clients, Reputation and more!
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Top search engine rankings and visibility means long term growth for your business. Your company will benefit from our services for years not just days.