15 November 2013
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SEO for Public Companies

SEO for Public Companies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not just a means to increase visibility for your website in the search engines, but it opens the doors to new customers, clients, higher sale volume, investors, and over all increased visitor flow to your business.

Think of it like this… Imagine having your company placed in the middle of time square of New York City without paying the price for premium real estate which in such areas may cost you millions just to have a place to call home. Well with the evolution of the internet you can essentially do just that for a mere fraction of the price.

When exploring or searching for products, services, or new business opportunities, 60% of the worlds population’s first thought is to turn on their computer, open up their browser, and head straight to Google’s homepage, where they enter what is referred to as “key words,” to discover the information that they are seeking.

For example: Lets say “Dr. Forbes,” is interested in new equipment for his medical practice, whether it be new computers, software, or specific medical devices, Google is the place he will most likely start his search for the above items by entering key words in the search engine’s “search box,” if you will. Key words such as “computers for medical practices,” “buy computers in bulk,” “new medical devices,” “surgical instruments,” “SAAS software,” “ best SAAS software.” Without the help of search engine optimization both on-site and off, companies focused in those niche fields will go completely unnoticed by Dr. Forbes, and in some cases go completely unnoticed by the search engines all together.

Our aim is to assist clients with the leading edge. We do this through researching the best keywords with the most attainable rankings that are niche specific to their business. We then analyze the clients website and begin on-site optimization to rid the code itself of potential weaknesses that may penalize or hurt your rankings with the search engines. Off site optimization is the next step toward establishing our clients strong online foot hold. We utilize the latest cutting edge strategies to make sure your company is not effected by the constant algorithm changes that have been cancerous to many businesses online.

Most SEO firms use questionable “black hat,” techniques that penalize websites 90% of the time causing them to lose their ranking all together and in some cases making their actual url itself permanently banned from the search engines.

If your serious about establishing your online presence for your public company through SEO without the fear of losings your foot hold amongst the search engines rankings. Contact IRTrend for a free quote!


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